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Peach Valley Appraisal Management's ("Peach Valley") approach to appraisals takes the burden off of Banking Management to enable them to focus on what is important, "Lending." In order to achieve this, the bank provides Peach Valley with a list of all annually required appraisals and we will develop the annual appraisal plan documenting the schedule of the appraisals for approval by management. Once approved, the rest is up to us. Your company will receive all of its appraisals and appraisal review forms on time, based on the annual plan.

Certain appraisal needs cannot be planned ahead. Our management of appraisals of this nature is designed to be prompt, accurate and stress free for you, our client.

Once you notify Peach Valley of the real time appraisal need, we will order the appraisal, the review and audit the appraisal. Once this process is completed, we will provide you with the final appraisal and review form in time to meet your lending or other financial or real estate needs.

In addition, we offer this value added service at a highly competitive rate compared to our competition and are able to guarantee an efficient model that will be seamless to your institution.

Below is an overview of our Appraisal Management Process ("AMP"):

  • Receive and Accept the appraisal order from the client—by utilizing Peach Valley's AMP, you no longer need to communicate with multiple appraisers and reviewers, trying to figure out the best appraiser for the assignment. Now you have one point of communication with Peach Valley.

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